Compliance with the rights of the patients and experimental animals

     In the paper presented for publication the author/authors must specify, that human trial was carried out in accordance with The International Code of Medical Ethics (1949 ) and regulations  of Declaration of Helsinki on preclinical and clinical trials on humans and animals (1964) adopted by the World Medical Association. The author/authors must report in the text of the paper about receiving Informed Consent of patients (or their legal representatives) in written form.

“Psychiatry” journal adheres to the principles of publication ethics in accordance with the Code of professional ethics for psychiatrist (1994) and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE, 1997).

Conflict of interests

     The authors must expose any actual or potential financial or nonfinancial conflict of interests, concerning the research issue, and to put it up at the end of published material. Recognition of the presence of conflict of interests is accompanied with disclosure of the essence of the conflict. Information of the conflict of interests is given to the peer reviewers and it may be printed according to the decision of Editorial Board.

All the authors are responsible for the accuracy of data presented in the study. The journal exercises its right to refuse the publication, if the fact of falsification of data is confirmed, as well as plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, duplication of paper from another edition, false representation of true authorship, and concealment of the conflict of interests.

Presentation of the paper to the journal presupposes that the article was not published before (but for the summary), that its publication is approved by all the authors and organizations, where it was presented. The papers, which were duplicated in other editions, or were sent for publication to other editorial offices are not allowed sending to editorial office of the journal.